CAPTURED CO-ED – There’s No Way out! **Feature Movie**

On January 10, 2014

Starring, Erika Kole with a Special Appearance by, Roy Hobbs

Video Contains: Damsel In Distress, Male Assailant, Outdoor Grab Scene, Outdoor Fight/Struggle Scene, Outdoor KO Scene with Sodden Cloth Over Face, Over The Shoulder Carry, Non-stop struggling, HOM (hand over mouth) Gagging, Mouth Packing, Multiple Gags, Multiple Positions, Rope, Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Blindfolds, On-screen Tying, On-screen Gagging, Continuous Gag talk, and Full Nudity.

Captured Coed

She was leaving class late and decided to take a shortcut, it would be the worst mistake she ever made. He was waiting for a girl to come by, he had been waiting hours. When she started down the over-grown path and no one else was in sight, he made his move. His place was right around the corner and once he grabbed her and knocked her out he knew it would be smooth sailing from that point on.

He needed a new girl for his plans, the last one… well she didn’t last as long as he thought she would. By the time Erika knew what hit her – it was too late… all that was left was her knapsack and signs of a fight… but no sign of her or where she went. He had her in his house in about 45 seconds and then it was a done deal.

Erika was now at his mercy… being stripped naked and manhandled while she was knocked-out, being bound tightly and waking up to have a masked face looming over her, she screamed and he smacked his hand over her mouth to shut her up… she was in serious trouble now!

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Video Run Time: 49 minutes 32 seconds
WMV High Speed – Standard Definition Video **Feature Movie**