DOUBLE CROSSED – 4 Girls In Serious Trouble! **Feature Movie**

On January 10, 2014

Starring, Kendra James, Paige Richards, Genesis Lynn, Vesta and Slyy

Video contains: 4 girl bondage, girl/girl over the shoulder carry, storyline, bound & gagged, topless, high heels, stockings, tight bondage, peril, gag talk, cleave gags, garters, struggling, up-skirt, blonde, brunette, redhead, partially stripped, girl on girl damsel in distress, sleepy scenes and limp fetish.

Double Crossed

All the girls knew Genesis was skimming money from the club. They all knew and had no way to prove it. Every night it seems their drawers were coming back short after they had been counted so they confronted Genesis to get to the bottom of it all. Genesis had plans of her own, she was slowly but surely draining the club dry wanting to put the owner out of business.

One night as the last of the guys left and it was only the bartenders and dancers left Gen made her move. Calling for her accomplice to meet her at the club Genesis went about putting the girls to sleep one by one until they were all taken care of. The only one smart enough to try and play Genesis’ game was Vesta., the spunky blonde thought she’d beat Genesis at her own plan too! With three girls sleeping (Kendra, Paige & Slyy) they were easy to tie up and shut up.

Genesis and Vesta had them tightly bound and gagged by the time they blinked their little eyes open. Realizing they were in serious trouble that’s when the fun began! Paige was hogtied on the pool table and made to struggle all over the felt as she tried to get free but Genesis wasn’t about to allow that. Kendra had a date with the stripper pole, since she hung off it most of the night, she should be comfortable being bound to it too!

Then there was Slyy… the sexy chick with a great tits was stripped to her panties and tied up on the stairs while Genesis finished her plan. Just when Genesis thought she’d be able to trust Vesta, she overheard the back-stabbing blonde telling each girl to give her time and she’s save them all. Slyy was the last straw and Genesis quickly put Vesta to sleep too! With 4 girls to deal with Genesis made fast work of them, binding them so their arms were all linked and tying them around the stripper pole. What a better way to go, one tattle-tale bitch with another! Laughing as she headed out and she flipped the switch to start the count-down! There’s nothing like a good double cross… Genesis may very well get away with her wicked plans too!

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Video Run Time: 55 minutes 00 seconds
WMV High Speed – Standard Definition Video **Feature Movie**