FORCIBLE PLEASURE 1 – Turning The Tables **Feature Movie**

On January 10, 2014

Starring: Slyyy and Vesta

Video Contains: KO Scenes, Full Nudity, Onscreen Stripping By Captor While Girl is KO’d, Forced Orgasms, Fem/Fem, Vibrator Play, Foot Worship – rubbing bare feet, licking and sucking toes, Onscreen Tying, Onscreen Gagging, Cleave gags, Multiple positions and Gag talk.


What happens when friends want to turn up the heat and give a little payback? Forcible Pleasure! Vesta and Slyyy are former roommates who have a score to settle with each other and what better to do it than to watch your foe squirm under you… literally!

Vesta makes her move after luring Slyyy over to talk, a sodden cloth makes quick work of knocking the dark haired beauty out. Then it’s all fun and games until someone cums! Slyyy is forced to endure Vesta’s wicked plans as she’s knocked out, stripped, and fondled… waking up to find Vesta looming over her with a grin and a gag.

The fun has only just begun! Vesta makes quick work of muffling Slyyy’s moans as she wedges a cleave gag between her teeth and turns the vibrator on high. She’s not one to sit back and not have some fun of her own and Slyyy’s pretty toes become the object of Vesta’s desire as she licks and sucks them while her sexy victim squirms and moans until she bursts!

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Video Run Time: 1 hour 00 minutes
WMV High Speed – Standard Definition Video **Feature Movie**