MAYHEM CHRONICLES 2 – The Damsels **Feature Movie**

On January 10, 2014

Starring: Kobe Lee, Whitney Lee, Christina Carter, Dawn, Vesta, and Genesis Lynn

Video Contains: Damsels In Distress, Hoods, Multiple Ties, Multiple Gags, On-screen Tying and Gagging, KO Scenes, Choke-outs, and Struggling.

Mayhem Chronicles 2

The mystery of the missing women continues as more disappear around town. The police still have no hard leads… the only thing they know is everyone of them has money and a ransom must be paid! Will they all be set free or is their fate already laid out the moment they were grabbed… Only time will tell how it ends…

Victim # 1 – “The Rich Girl” you know the type… daddy’s little girl who gets everything she wants and more. That one girl who thinks money is everything and when she finds out she’s for sale too, she’s not happy about it at all!

Victim # 2 – “The Scientist” you think she’s stuck up and a bitch but she’s really not. Even so she’s the type of girl who wouldn’t give you the time of day and that just pisses you off! She needs to learn a lesson and her rich fiance better pay up or else!

Victim # 3 – “The Broker” she has million dollar deals come past her desk every day, but now a deal is being brokered for her life and she’s praying that she has enough cash on hand to win this deal!

Victim # 4 – “The Rock Star” so she’s his daughter, that just means this snotty party girl better hope her daddy didn’t blow all his money because he’ll need a pretty penny to get his little party girl back!

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Video Run Time: 48 minutes 32 seconds
WMV High Speed – Standard Definition Video **Feature Movie**